How To Grow Your Poly Vocabulary

Resources to expand your understanding of non-monogamous words and slang

A gender irrelevant illustrated guide book teaches the mechanics of group sex without being pornographic

Polyamorous group sex positions illustrated with friendly gender neutral bodies that are genitalia-free

From author drama to the upcoming 2nd edition release, More Than Two is a poly-must-read

Grab some popcorn and get ready to learn about More Than Two, and this book's journey in the CNM community.

Creative and relaxing coloring book featuring 25 unique vagina designs

The Vagina Coloring Book is a popular adult coloring book that promotes relaxation and self-expression, offering a temporary escape from stress.

Celebrates the beauty and empowerment of women who appreciate marijuana

The Stoner Babes Coloring Book is a popular adult coloring book that promotes mindfulness and embraces marijuana culture through detailed pages of women and gender fluid individuals with tattoos, patterned clothing, and beautiful faces.

Features hidden penises on each page

Adult coloring books, including "Find The Hidden Penises," are popular for their therapeutic benefits, creativity, and humor.

Explores sensuality and intimacy, designed for all experience levels in kink

The Color Me Kinky adult coloring book promotes intimacy and exploration of different ways of connecting, making it a popular choice for its therapeutic benefits.

Adult coloring patterns, with two copies of each image for double the coloring fun

"POLYAMORY: An Adult Coloring Book" caters to individuals who embrace polyamory, offering intricate designs for stress relief and self-expression.

Disconnect from technology through 5,203 simple and beautiful activities

This book promotes disconnecting from technology and engaging with the world through various simple activities, allowing individuals to slow down, look up, and reconnect with what brings them nourishment and grounding.

Provides discussion questions for couples exploring or already enjoying non-monogamy

This book on non-monogamous relationships, emphasizes communication and provides discussion questions to prevent negative emotions, making it an essential tool for couples of any sexual orientation interested in non-monogamy.

Hypatia explores compersion in polyamorous relationships

Hypatia believes that compersion can be achieved by every polyamorous individual through effort and fulfilling specific needs, and encourages readers to embark on a journey of self-discovery to cultivate compersion and support their partners and metamours.

A toolkit of knowledge to help you navigate and succeed in polyamorous relationships

Dan and Dawn, experienced polyamorists, have created a toolkit to help readers improve their own polyamorous relationships.

Offers intelligent and comprehensive advice on building tailor-made relationships

"The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory" is a comprehensive guidebook that promotes self-awareness and communication in exploring nontraditional forms of love.

Emotional & practical guidance for individuals navigating non-monogamous relationships

Lola Phoenix's guide to non-monogamy provides advice and personal experiences for navigating open relationships and promoting mental health and well-being.

Multiamory podcast has developed tools and advice for modern relationships

The authors of Multiamory created their own resources to provide relationship advice for non-traditional relationships like polyamory.

Guides individuals in exploring their attachment challenges and practice of nonmonogamy

The Polysecure Workbook helps individuals navigate nonmonogamy and develop secure relationships.

A guided journey of self-reflection and ethical nonmonogamy

"A Polyamory Devotional" by Evita Sawyers is a practical guide that offers support and guidance for navigating ethical nonmonogamy.

The latest edition of The Ethical Slut, one of the most popular texts on CNM

The Ethical Slut is a guide for maintaining a successful polyamorous lifestyle that covers various topics and offers practical advice.

Offers strategies and tools to navigate the shift and improve relationships

Polyamory is becoming more popular, but transitioning to nonmonogamy can be challenging; "Polywise" offers practical strategies to navigate these difficulties and foster clarity and intimacy in nonmonogamous relationships.

Polyamorous psychotherapist Jessica Fern applies attachment theory to CNM

Polyamorous psychotherapist Jessica Fern presents a nested model of attachment and trauma in her book "Polysecure," offering strategies for achieving secure attachments in multiple relationships.

"Do the work" by picking up a new CNM book today

Challenge your mono-normativity, while building relationship & communication skills with a book on CNM today!

Polyamory Reading Starter Pack

Top 3 reads for anyone looking for an introduction to non-monogamy

Best Polyamory Books To Read In 2024

From New Releases to classic "Poly Bibles" these books about polyamory will open up your 2024

Illustrated Polyamorous Group Sex Positions

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Books on CNM

Books on consensual non-monogoamy cover topics like open-relationships and polyamory