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Study Finds: Polyamorous Scheduling - is actually really hard!

A University of Liverpool paper has mathematically determined just how hard
Self Care

Poly Talk Tuesday Discussion: Is being poly an orientation or a lifestyle??

Are some people “born non monogamous” or is polyamory or ENM just something we agree to “do”?

Is Polyamory an “illicit” topic?

Etsy rejected our affiliate application because they think our site “is significantly inspired by illicit content”

A Successful Polyamorous Valentines Day

A story about going from parallel poly to kitchen table polyamory on Valentine’s Day
Self Care

Innovative Introductions

A meet-cute way to meet people IRL

Comments, Ratings & Reviews - Coming Soon!

Imagine shopping where all the product ratings and reviews are from CNM/ENM ppl 😍

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How we keep our polycule up to date with all the latest, Just Poly Things
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