Our Mission

Support the CNM community with practical resources that optimize and simplify maintaining a CNM lifestyle.

What is CNM?

Consensual Non-Monogamy or CNM is simply the practice of NOT requiring exclusivity in a sexual or romantic relationship. This practice has many names such as ENM or Ethical Non-Monogamy, or “open relationships” and includes the practice of polyamory. We use CNM on this site because we’re making a choice to emphasize the CONSENT part. What really makes non-monogamy “ethical” is everyone’s informed consent, so that’s why we use CNM instead of ENM. 

Just Poly Things, but not just polyamory...

We aim to provide the entire CNM community with product guides and reviews directly relating to their needs and concerns. While the founders of our site practice polyamory as their preferred relationship style, all consensually-non-monogamous folx are welcome here.

We are a lifestyle brand delivering content that highlights products in the following categories: CNM books, sex toys & accessories, self care & beauty, home goods, and clothing.

The more partners the better!

We are starting out as an amazon affiliate, but don’t worry, we are definitely still open to new relationships. Are you a polyamory or ethical non-monogamy content creator looking for partners to promote your amazing product or services? Don’t be afraid to slide into our dm’s by visiting our Contact page.

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