Just Poly Things Condoms Buying Guide

How does polyamory work sexually? With lots of condoms… lubricated or non-lubricated, latex or latex-free, sexual barriers are just poly things!

Oversized Polyamorous Beds

We know you want a bigger bed!

Polyamory Reading Starter Pack

Top 3 reads for anyone looking for an introduction to non-monogamy

Trying out Latex-free & Non-Latex Condoms

You don’t need a latex allergy to be curious about latex-free options

Best Vegan Friendly Condoms

If you’re non-monogamous and vegan, your condoms can be too!

3 Silly Gifts Just For Fun

Don't take Valentines so seriously with these silly fun gift ideas that are great for all your partners!

Vday Gifts for ANY-BODY

Gender irrelevant gift ideas for any-body in an #OpenRelationship

Just Poly Vday Bedroom Gifts

Bring something new into your bedroom that’s not a unicorn this valentines day!

Best Polyamory Books To Read In 2024

From New Releases to classic "Poly Bibles" these books about polyamory will open up your 2024
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