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June 4, 2024

Welcome to your home for researching and learning about all the different kinds of barriers. Condoms come up so often in CNM that we wanted to make an epic resource for our community so that everyone can find the best condoms for their body. Let’s make sex safer for everyone!

Looking for a box of condoms?

We got you covered. Start here with one of our detailed condom buying guides:

How are condoms used in open-relationships?

Sexual barriers have been used in all kinds of relationships since the 1500s. In modern times, people who have sexual partners rely on barriers like condoms to protect against STIs and pregnancy. In CNM relationships rules about condom use with other partners are frequently the starting point for determining what an open relationship will look like. Everyone has different comfort levels when it comes to STI exposure risk, and barriers help increase that comfort by mitigating some of the risk. There is no such thing as "safe-sex" but condoms make sex "safer" and that's really important when practicing non-monogamy.

What condoms should I buy?

We want to help you answer the question “What condoms should I buy?” by giving you the breakdown on all the different condom varieties. Are you looking for – a larger fit, lubricated or non-lubricated, texture like ribs, beads or dots, or condoms without latex smell? – Our buying guides break down the different types of condoms so you can compare. 

What condoms are the best brand for you?

We’ve brought together many of the leading condom brands to help you compare which brand is best for you. Most people need to try several brands and or sizes until they find the perfect condom for their body. So we’ve made it easy to compare between, – LifeStyles, SKYN, One Condoms, Cake, PS, and many more – did you think Trojan and Magnums were the only ones out there? There are so many condom brands to choose from we know it can be overwhelming so let our Buying Guides help you decide. 

Since the 1500s humans have used sexual barriers to protect sexual health and prevent pregnancy. In modern times, using condoms greatly decreases the risk of gonorrhea, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, hepatitis B, and HIV/AIDS, and to a lesser extent, they also offer some protection against genital herpes, human papillomavirus (HPV), and syphilis.


  • Decreases the risk of STI transmission
  • Decreases the risk of pregnancy
  • Makes sex safer, especially when everyone has multiple partners


  • Improper use is the #1 reason for failure
  • They have to fit right, and be at least of a decent quality, or they aren’t comfortable
  • You gotta stop the action to find one and put it on

Your Condom Questions Answered

Does polyamory increase your risk of STI’s?

”although persons in CNM relationships had more sexual partners, the precautions they took did not appear to elevate their rate of STIs” according to a study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2015.

The study basically concluded that people in consensually open relationships are more likely to practice safer-sex than monogamous people who cheat. It found that those who practiced CNM were more likely to use condoms during intercourse (both with their primary and with extradyadic partners) and were more likely to have been tested for STIs.

So, no, having multiple partners does not increase your risk if you are using safer sex practices like regular testing, knowing & communicating your STI status, and using barriers like condoms with partners to protect your sexual health. 

Can condoms expire?

YES. Condoms are a medical device and they don’t last forever. Make sure you are throwing away any condoms that have expired and restocking with fresh ones as needed. 

Over time the materials that condoms are made from like latex or polyurethane break down and become brittle. Even if the condom looks fine, expired condoms will be more likely to break or not be as effective. When you purchase them, they should last up to about 5 years, and each individual condom should have an expiration date printed on the package. If you can’t read the date, or if it’s in the past, it’s time to throw it away and get some new ones. 

Are condoms flushable?

NOPE! Are you still flushing condoms like it's still last century and you don’t care about the environment? Please stop. Used condoms belong in the trash not in your toilet. Popular condom maker Trojan suggests wrapping it in a tissue first before tossing it in the garbage. Condoms are non-biodegradable so when you flush you risk clogs and damage to your plumbing. 

Why condoms are important?

Barrier agreements are frequently the first and most revisited clause in your polyamory contract. If you are opening a previously monogamous relationship, condoms might be something you haven't had to deal with in a long time. Or if you’re a frequent condom user, maybe you have always had a personal favorite brand, but just started dating a new partner with a latex allergy and need to switch things up. It doesn’t matter what reason suddenly put you in the market for a box of condoms, we want to help! 

Most CNM couples have some form of a condom or barrier agreement. It’s something that should be clearly communicated to everyone in the relationship, and will need to be updated as relationships change over time.

When people ask “is polyamory possible” or “does polyamory work” the answer is usually, as long as everyone sticks to the agreements

Our relationship contracts provide us a sense of reassurance and security. When we know that our partners are using barriers or condoms with their other partners we feel safer and protected. Condom boundaries for ourselves, our partners, and even their other partners should be one of the first conversations a non-monogamous couple has to ensure mutual consent and acceptance of sexual health risks. 

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