Large Fit Condoms

Last Updated:
October 18, 2023

Are you looking for a larger fit?

Large fitting condoms start at 54mm wide and go up from there. If you are experiencing issues with condoms feeling too tight, then trying a larger fit condom might be right for you. 

“Large-fit” condoms size vs “standard” size

Most manufacturers consider 53mm wide and 7” long to be their “standard condom size”. It is a mystery why barrier makers list width in millimeters and length in inches, but since that is the way the information is usually presented we’ve followed the same pattern. Hopefully that will make it easier to comparison shop between our site and others. 

While any condom can be made shorter by simply not unrolling it completely, girth isn’t so easily accommodated, and nothing will make a condom that is too short longer. Really when it comes to large fit, you have to factor in both length and girth because large fit condom sizes vary so much in both of these measurements. 

An improperly fitting condom will be both uncomfortable and more susceptible to breaking, so finding the perfect fit for your body is extremely important. A condom that is too tight can feel constricting and might even impact your ability to orgasm, so it’s important to find ones that will fit snuggly enough to stay on and provide the best possible heat transfer. A condom that is too loose doesn’t transfer heat as well as one that fits properly. 

Proper fit is what makes the difference between a comfortable or an uncomfortable condom. If it’s too loose or too short, or not providing a seamlessly smooth experience, it’s time to try a different size and enjoy the safety and comfort of a better fitting barrier. 

When looking to answer the question  - what are the largest condoms - we found that ONE Condoms brand makes the widest selection of larger girth and longer length condoms. (They also make the widest selection of shorter, snugger condoms too!) 

ONE Condoms brand offers the biggest selection of sizes of any condom manufacturer today. Available as wide as 65mm, ONE Condoms MyOne Super Wide are the widest and longest condoms on our list today. ONE Condoms has even created a downloadable PDF size guide where you can measure yourself to find the perfect size for you.

Why large fit condoms?

Barriers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Making sure it fits properly will ensure a better experience for you and your partners. Here are our choices for the best large-fit condoms available. 

MyONE Custom Fit come in Wide (57mm), Extra Wide (60mm), and Super Wide (64mm) fit options, and a variety of lengths


  • Assorted lengths
  • 57mm - 64mm wide
  • Made with Sensatex latex, lubricated with a premium silicone lubricant


  • No cons to making sex safer!

SKYN is the #1 non-latex condom maker, Elite Large are bigger but keep the straight shape with reservoir


  • Lubricated
  • 0.065 mm thick
  • 7.5" long
  • 56mm wide
  • XL with straight base


  • No cons to making sex safer!

Most latex condoms contain casein (a dairy byproduct) and other unnatural ingredients, which cause them to stink, but PS XL condoms are 100% vegan so they are clear and odorless.


  • Lubricated
  • 0.045mm thick
  • 8.27" long
  • 57mm wide
  • 100% Vegan, no casein (a dairy byproduct)


  • No cons to making sex safer!

Flared tip, ultra-thin, aprox 57mm width. Longer and wider for the most comfortable fit


  • Lubricated
  • 0.065mm thick
  • 7.5" to 8.3" long
  • 54mm +/- 2mm wide
  • XL with flared tip


  • No cons to making sex safer!

Which large-fit condoms are best for you?

These are the large size condoms that we think are worth your consideration.

Largest Overall

For the biggest condoms available, we suggest the ONE Condoms MyONE Custom Fit Super Wide Lubricated Condoms as the best extra large ones because they offer the most comprehensive size selection. If you are looking for extra-extra-wide, as in up to 64mm, then these are going to be the barriers for you. We also love that they come in various lengths. 

Extra wide, but not extra long

Just because you need girth doesn’t necessarily mean you also need length, and we love that the MyONE Custom Fit line offers assorted lengths for every width. A common issue with Large or XL barriers is that they are too long. For this reason the ONE Condoms MyONE Custom Fit Super Wide Lubricated Condoms are the best options for someone who needs to accommodate a lot of girth, but wants a little less length. Now you can stop dealing with that rolled up cock ring situation that happens with longer barriers on a shorter shaft. Check out their size guide where you can measure yourself to find the perfect size for you.   

Vegan & Odorless 

Did you know that a lot of latex condoms contain a dairy by-product called casein, that makes them non-vegan? PS Extra Large Odorless Vegan Exceptionally Thin Condoms are made without that ingredient so they are 100% vegan and also don’t have that icky latex smell. Offering a generous 57mm width, and 8.27” long, these are a great low-fragrance XL barrier option. 


If you are looking for a slightly larger fit condom in a non-latex material we have to recommend the SKYN Elite Large Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms. Measuring in at 56mm wide and 7.5” long, we’d call these – large, but not XL – compared to the other condom sizes we’ve looked at today. These are a great option if “standard size” condoms feel too tight for you, but you don’t need the extra long length or extra wide girth that MyONE Custom Fit line offers. These are a great – latex free alternative to Magnums – as they are comparably sized to that popular brand. 

XL with a Flared Tip

When we talk about condom width it can be easy to forget that not all shafts are perfect cylinders despite the fact that most condoms use what’s called a “straight-wall” shape. 

Fortunately, “flared condoms” also exist which offer a wider at the top design that gives more room to the head, and is a bit narrower at the base of the shaft. This can greatly improve comfort and wearability if the shape of the shaft is wider at the tip. The WINK XL .065mm Thin Lubricated Latex Condoms have a flared tip and measure at the base at 54mm wide, with +/- 2mm of flare towards the front of the barrier. This makes them a great choice for anyone in the market for a XL condom with a flared design. 

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