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April 19, 2024

Polyamory 101

Earlier this year we brought you a hand-picked list of the Best Polyamory Books To Read in 2024, but we were worried that list might feel a little overwhelming for someone who is just learning about CNM - Consensual Nonmonogamy, or sometimes called ENM/Ethical-Non-Monogamy. 

A Polyamorous Starter Pack

When you’re done checking out blogs online, and are ready to try an audiobook, kindle download, or physical copy, these are the entry level poly books we think you should start with: 

While this book has seen some drama since it was originally published in 2014, this 8th edition features a new foreword by Jessica Fern, author of Polysecure & Polywise


  • New forward by Polysecure author Jessica Fern
  • A comprehensive guide to living an ethically non-mongamous lifestyle
  • Read about the Relationship Bill of Rights from its original source


  • No cons to learning more about CNM!

This is a comprehensive and intelligent guidebook that offers advice and strategies for women interested in exploring polyamory and alternative forms of love. It incorporates real-world advice, exercises, and interviews to help women build self-awareness, confidence in communication, and navigate the challenges of nontraditional relationships.


  • Offers intelligent and comprehensive advice on polyamory and alternative forms of love.
  • Provides practical tips and exercises for building self-awareness, confidence in communication, and managing jealousy.
  • It encourages readers to create unique and tailor-made relationships that are healthy, happy, and fulfilling.


  • No cons to learning more about CNM!

Polyamory is becoming more popular, but transitioning to nonmonogamy can be difficult for some people. Polywise offers practical strategies and a conceptual framework to help individuals and partners navigate the challenges and opportunities of consensual nonmonogamy.


  • Provides insights and practical strategies for individuals and partners exploring consensual nonmonogamy.
  • Offers a conceptual framework to understand the transition from monogamy to nonmonogamy.
  • Helps navigate the challenges and opportunities for increased clarity and intimacy in nonmonogamous relationships.


  • No cons to learning more about CNM!

Why are these the top 3?

Authored by the literal experts in the very small topic of non-monogamy, these three books will give anyone a solid foundation of the principles and ideas that have shaped our growing non-monogamous communities. 

More than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory

We called this one, “one of the poly bibles” in our Best Polyamory Books To Read in 2024 article for a reason, and that’s because this is the one that we all recommended to each other for years, stopped recommending, and then started recommending again. (I know. It’s complicated, but if you’re curious you can read about the drama with the authors)

The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory

This one offers a refreshing perspective on relationships and provides real-world advice from women in nontraditional relationships. If you’re looking for valuable insights about self-awareness, communication, and the elimination of jealousy, try this one. It even includes exercises to help readers build healthy and fulfilling relationships.


From the same authors as Polysecure, instead of focusing on attachment theory, PolyWise is more of a general polyamory guide book. This is their second book together; where co-authors Fern and Cooley share insights that didn't fit in with the attachment theory themes of their first book Polysecure.

Beginner Friendly Books

Whether you are brand new to the concepts or just seeking to deepen your experienced understanding, we hope these books help you embrace the possibilities of nonmonogamous relationships. Tell us what books got you started in the comments below!

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