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Polyamory is becoming more popular, but transitioning to nonmonogamy can be difficult for some people. Polywise offers practical strategies and a conceptual framework to help individuals and partners navigate the challenges and opportunities of consensual nonmonogamy.


  • Provides insights and practical strategies for individuals and partners exploring consensual nonmonogamy.
  • Offers a conceptual framework to understand the transition from monogamy to nonmonogamy.
  • Helps navigate the challenges and opportunities for increased clarity and intimacy in nonmonogamous relationships.


  • No cons to learning more about CNM!
March 8, 2024

Why should you read PolyWise?

Polyamory is becoming more popular as people seek more love, connection, and freedom in their relationships. However, transitioning to nonmonogamy can be challenging for some individuals, leading to broken agreements, communication issues, fighting, and jealousy.

Polyamorous psychotherapist Jessica Fern and restorative justice facilitator David Cooley have worked extensively with clients in consensually nonmonogamous relationships and have gained insights into the underlying challenges that arise. They offer practical strategies for transforming these challenges into opportunities for clarity and intimacy. "Polywise" provides a conceptual framework for understanding the shift from monogamy to nonmonogamy and offers tools to navigate the next steps in a nonmonogamous relationship.

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