6 Gift Ideas for the non-monogamous home

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November 28, 2023

Gifts For Polyamorous Couples & More

If your holiday shopping list includes a CNM or Consensually Non-Monogamous home, then this list of 6 gifts that are sure to brighten any space is for you. For this guide we wanted to focus on “polyamorous gifts” ideas for – triads or throuples, polyamorous couples or quads, or your solo-poly – people. In our guide 5 Perfect Gifts For The Whole Polycule, we asked the question…

What makes something a “polyamory gift” or “good gift for polyamorous couples”??

…And this time we are talking about PRIDE merch, but PRIDE merch for your home, such as Pride Flags or Consensually NonMonogamous Throw Pillows. And of course it’s not just pride merch, because we know that not every CNM individual has the luxury of living fully authentically, so we have made sure to include a wide range of ideas that should be welcome under any tree (think safe-for-work). 

Six Polyamorous gifts ideas for the home

Throw pillows accent your home and can help display your sense of identity. Show off your pride with a cozy addition to your couch or bedroom.


  • Shows off your CNM pride


  • You can never have enough throw pillows

Indoors or outdoors show off your PRIDE! Check out these 3 x 5 ft canvas flags which are double-stitched with a strong canvas header, and mount with two brass grommets.


  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Shows off your identity with pride


  • Unfortunately, in some places it might not be safe to display your pride yet, please stay safe.

Galaxy projector for ceiling, with remote Control and white noise bluetooth speaker displays 14 Colors of LED Night Lights


  • Offers a remote control, allowing for convenient and easy operation.
  • Includes a white noise Bluetooth speaker, providing soothing sounds for a relaxing atmosphere.
  • The projector displays 14 colors of LED night lights, creating a mesmerizing and customizable lighting experience.


  • Might make children jealous of your room

Gift set includes 4 (3.5OZ) tins of scented candle: lavender, vanilla, ocean and raspberry. The natural essential oils will leave you feeling calm refreshed


  • Includes 4 different fragrance scents: lavender, vanilla, ocean, and raspberry.
  • Made with natural soy wax and lead-free cotton wicks, making them non-toxic and environmentally friendly.
  • Long-lasting burning time of 20-25 hours per candle, providing a pleasant atmosphere and relieving stress.


  • Don't leave candles unattended

Perfect for showering with 2 or more people, includes 8’’ rainfall showerhead, 4.5'' handheld shower, 5ft stainless steel hose, water flow regulator, 3-way diverter, strong suction cup shower bracket, Teflon tape, washers, installation manual and 11" adjustable extension shower arm fits any shower head or hand shower


  • Includes all necessary accessories for easy installation.
  • The rainfall shower head has a high-water-pressure-even-at-low-flow design, and a leak-proof connection.
  • The handheld shower head has 9 spray patterns, pressure-boosting technology.
  • Ideal for showing with one or more of your partners.


  • You still have to get out of the shower eventually

Keep OUT prying eyes and maintain natural light, with cost-effective non-adhesive window film. Made of environmental friendly materials it is completely removable and reusable, and can be peeled off in a second. The stained glass window tint can cut 97% of UV rays, and protect both you and your furnishings from the sun’s aging. Works on all smooth and flat glass surfaces. Cut it into any shape.


  • Keeps out prying eyes while maintaining natural light.
  • Non-adhesive film is easy to remove and reuse.
  • Provides UV protection for both you and your furnishings.
  • Can be applied on all smooth and flat glass surfaces.
  • Can DIY by cutting it into any shape.


  • No cons to more privacy

What makes these Great Gifts for Poly People

From your bedroom to your kitchen table it doesn’t matter what type of CNM you practice, you deserve a comfortable and safe home. We want to help make your polyamorous lives happier, healthier, and homier with the comfortable and practical items that will warm your space and make sure you both love and feel loved when you are at home. 

#1 Throw Pillows Collection

Top of this list in the number one spot is JustPolyThings’ Throw Pillows Collection. The gift of throw pillows adds a touch of comfort and style to any non-monogamous home, and there are so many designs to choose from we had to assemble a complete collection, which is of course, like our polycule, still growing. Do you have a throw pillow you’d like to tell us is missing from our collection? 

Whether you're cuddling up with your partners or creating a cozy spot for intimate conversations, CNM Throw Pillows will enhance the ambiance of your home. We hope you find the perfect pillows that reflect your unique non monogamous relationship and add a personal touch to any space from our collection. 

#2 Pride Flags

Showcase your pride with a flag for your - bedroom, kitchen table, living room, den, game room, or play space - from our selection of vibrant and colorful Pride Flags. Designed to represent the diverse individuals within the polyamorous community, we are bringing you flags that are a powerful symbol of love, acceptance, and inclusivity. We believe in representation, and we know that this is an incomplete list, so we’d like you to help us grow it over time. Can you help us out by telling us what flags we’re missing that you would like to see represented?

Whether they want to wave the 3x5 Feet Polyamory Pride Flag or if they identify with an LGBTQ+ identity such as Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Pansexual, Non-Binary, Intersex, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Asexual, Demisexual or are looking for a 3x5 Feet Classic Rainbow Pride Flag, we’ve even got a couple flags to represent the kink community with the 3x5 Feet Leather Pride Flag & 3x5 Feet Puppy Pride Flag. Pride flags give the gift of identity expression that creates an inclusive environment in any space. 

#3 Rossetta Star Projector, Galaxy Projector for Bedroom

This innovative gift transforms a space into a celestial wonderland, filling the room with a stunning display of stars and galaxies. Perfect for romantic nights or intimate gatherings, the Rosetta Star Projector sets the mood for unforgettable moments with your partners. Let the enchanting lights transport you to a world of endless possibilities and ignite the passion within your non-monogamous relationship.

#4 - #LOVE Scented Candle Set, 4 pack

The #LOVE Scented Candle Set sets the mood and infuses a home with warm aromatherapy fragrance. With 4 lovely scents including lavender, vanilla, ocean and raspberry, each scented candle tin is 3.5 oz of 100% natural soy wax for 20 - 25 hours burning time. With four unique scents to choose from, this candle set allows you to create sensual atmospheres to suit your mood and desires. When used together the candles offer a delightful blend of fragrances that evoke feelings of warmth, passion, and connection. Great for any polyamorous couple or individual who wants to create a cozy ambiance in their non-monogamous home.

#5 Rainfall & Handheld Shower Combo

Enhance your bonding experiences with the Rainfall & Handheld Shower Combo. Designed for couples and groups, such as triads/throuples or quads, this shower system provides a luxurious and invigorating bathing experience. Your polycule can indulge in the pleasure of sharing intimate moments under the cascading rainfall showerhead, which works while using the handheld shower head for a more personalized touch simultaneously. The adjustable settings and easy installation make this shower combo a practical and versatile addition to every non-monogamous home, promoting relaxation, connection, and self-care.

#6 Stained Glass Window Privacy Film

For a touch of privacy and beauty in a non-monogamous home the Stained Glass Window Privacy Film is an elegant and decorative film that allows natural light to filter through while maintaining much desired privacy. Use it to create a serene and intimate atmosphere in any living space, or bedroom, while also adding a unique aesthetic element to your windows. This stained glass window privacy film is available in a variety of patterns, and is made of environmentally friendly materials without adhesives, so it can be easily applied and removed. It also blocks out 97% of UV rays according to it’s manufacturer, so it’s a perfect solution for those seeking both functionality and style in their CNM home.

Happy Polyamorous Homes

What home gift ideas for polyamorous individuals are we missing? Tell us about the items that make your space a home. We’d love to hear your story, tell us about all the items that changed your poly life for the better today, and we might just include them on this site, but you have to tell us about them first.

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