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Indoors or outdoors show off your PRIDE! Check out these 3 x 5 ft canvas flags which are double-stitched with a strong canvas header, and mount with two brass grommets.


  • Use Indoors or Outdoors
  • Shows off your identity with pride


  • Unfortunately, in some places it might not be safe to display your pride yet, please stay safe.
March 11, 2024

What Is The Polyamory Flag?

It’s possible that one of the absolutely best things about the polyamory community is that we can’t settle on a single flag. There are several different flags that are used to represent the polyamory community, and new ones are being created all the time, so when it comes to showing off your non-monogamous pride we’ve decided to start off by bringing you the 3x5 Feet Polyamory Pride Flag which to us represents the  “classic polyamory flag” which consists of three horizontal stripes - blue, red, and black, with a symbol in the center. Sometimes it’s a pi symbol, sometimes it’s a “poly heart” or a heart with an infinity symbol interlacing it. It's important to note that these flags are not universally recognized or used by all polyamorous individuals within the community.

polyamory pride flag

Polyamorous Pride Flag Meaning

In this flag, the blue represents openness and honesty among all partners, red represents love and passion; and the black bar represents solidarity with people that have to hide their multi-lover relationships due to societal pressures. The pi symbol in the middle of the flag is supposed to represent infinite love amongst all partners. However, this flag is also commonly seen with a golden infinity heart symbol instead of the golden pi symbol.

What about the "New Polyamory Flag"?

If you've heard about the recent movement to get the polyamorous community to pick a new flag you might know that one group of poly folx has voted in a new flag for the rest of us. There's a lot of controversy surrounding the new flag and it's design and voting process, so it's not been universally accepted by the larger non-monogamous community yet. Insert a reference to XKCD's comic about competing standards here, because that's exactly what this situation looks like to us. The latest polyamory flag 3x5 Feet "New" Polyamory Flag has blue, pink, and purple stripes with a yellow heart inside a white triangle. Do you fly another flag that's not one of these? Tell us about it today, so that we can bring you all the flags, and our community doesn't have to settle for a single one.

What Pride Flags Mean

We know that you want to show off other identities too, and not just that you practice polyamory, so we’ve also curated pride flags for several LGBTQ+ identities. Which ones are we missing? Please let us know so that we can add them to the collection and make sure to represent the identities of the entire non-monogamous community.

We want to help you answer the question, “where to buy pride flags near me”,  so we are bringing you a comprehensive collection of bright and color flags to choose from.

a rainbow pride flag flying in front of a blue house

Designed by San Francisco artist Gilbert Baker in 1978, the 3x5 Feet Classic Rainbow Pride Flag is recognized worldwide as a symbol of diversity and the gay community. Originally the rainbow had 8 stripes; but over time the flag has been adjusted to only 6 stripes: red for life, orange for healing, yellow for sunlight, green for nature, blue for harmony & peace, and violet for spirit.

philly pride flag with brown and black stripes

The 3x5 Feet Philly Rainbow Pride Flag was first introduced in 2017 during the First Annual Pride Kick-Off Celebration at City Hall in Philadelphia. The black and brown stripes were added as “an inclusionary way to highlight black and brown LGBTQIA members within our community”.

Kinky Pride Flags Meaning

leather pride flag
puppy pride flag

The 3x5 Feet Puppy Pride Flag was designed by Kirk “Blue” Pierce and released in May 2011. By taking the red heart out of the classic Leather Pride Flag and replacing it with a red dog bone, he created a simple symbol that could be universally recognized around the world. Overtime the design of the 3x5 Feet Puppy Pride Flag has been changed to sideways stripes from the vertical ones on the 3x5 Feet Leather Pride Flag, where the black stripes represent black leather, the blue stripes represent blue denim, and the white stripe in the middle is for integrity.

Pan vs Bi Pride Flags Meaning

bisexual pride flag flying in front of a house
pansexual pride flag flying in front of a house

Originally inspired by the “Bi-Angles” symbol, the 3x5 Feet Bisexual Pride Flag has been giving a way for the bisexual community to celebrate it’s pride since 1998. Designed by Michael Page, the pink, purple, and blue 2:1:2 color ratio aspect makes it seem as if the outer colors of blue and pink are blending into the purple stripe in the center.

Later in 2010, the 3x5 Feet Pansexual Pride Flag was introduced represent the unique identity of the pansexual community. Featuring pink for attraction to those who identify within the female spectrum, yellow for attraction to those who fall under the androgynous spectrum, and blue for attraction to those who identify within the male spectrum.

Ace & Demi Pride Flags Meaning

asexuality pride flag flying in front of a blue house
demisexual pride flag flying in front of a blue house

Since 2010, people who fall in the asexual or demi-sexual spectrums have had representation with either the 3x5 Feet Asexual Pride Flag or  3x5 Feet Demisexual Pride Flag. In both flags, the colors represent black for asexuality, gray for the gray area between sexuality and asexuality, white for sexuality, and finally violet for community.

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