5 Perfect Gifts For The Whole Polycule

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December 5, 2023

​​Polyamorous Gifts

We hope you are lucky enough to have a large polycule to shop for during the holidays, but we also know that finding the perfect gift for the polyamorous people in your life, whether it’s your partner, your metas, or someone else, can be a real challenge. When it comes to group gifts that are perfect for a triad, quad, or any constellation of Vs and hinges, all five suggestions on this list of “5 Perfect Gifts For The Whole Polycule” are items that can be enjoyed by a group of people.

5 gifts that are perfect for any polycule:

"Do the work" and learn something new about polyamory or nonmonogamy with a book from our currated selection of books on CNM


  • Learn more about consensual nonmonogamy.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of how your emotional experiences are impacting your relationships.
  • Get practical strategies to cultivate better multiple open relationships.


  • No cons to learning more about CNM!

This oversized 10ft x 10ft blanket is soft, durable, and can be used indoors or outdoors, and is machine washable


  • Oversized and thick, this blanket is perfect for sharing with the whole polycule, friends, and pets.
  • Versatile for both indoor and outdoor use, it can keep you warm on the bed or sofa, or out on a picnic or camping trip.
  • Made from premium eco-friendly material, this blanket is soft, skin-friendly, and durable, ensuring long-lasting comfort and warmth.


  • It's taller than you, so you could get lost under it

Stylish and spacious picnic basket set for 2 or 4, with ample storage and all necessary accessories - Unbreakable Wheat Straw Flatware Tableware Set For 4 in Matching Color sets. 4x Picnic plates, cups and cutlery all dishwasher proof. Cheese board, knife, opener and large waterproof picnic blanket.


  • Stylish and spacious picnic basket with all necessary accessories.
  • Adjustable padded straps and strong zippers.
  • Ample storage compartments for easy organization.


  • Calendaring the picnic with the whole polycule is the real challenge

Strong, durable, and lightweight portable six-person folding bench with backs, made with a lightweight steel frame is the ultimate portable bench No assembly required. Weight capacity 200lbs per seat, measures 100 inches long, 18 inches across, and 18 inches high when set up. Each seat measures 18 inches front to back and 16.6 inches across.


  • Seats up to six people!
  • Lightweight and highly portable with no pre-assembly required
  • Can accommodate up to 200lbs. per seat


  • Bigger polycules, those with more than 6 people, will need more than 1 of these.

Electric fondue pot set for a fun polycule fondue party, or perfect as a gift.


  • The deluxe fondue maker comes with everything you need: including a melting base, removable melting bowl, detachable tray, and skewers.
  • It is easy to fondue, with the ability to evenly heat up to 140°F for melting chocolate or keeping cheese warm.
  • The fondue maker is perfect for hosting polycule fondue parties and makes for a great gift for any occasions.


  • You might eat too much cheese!

Why do we like these polyamory gift ideas?

What makes something a “polyamory gift” or “good gift for polyamorous couples”?? It’s not just pride merch, although we do have plenty of that if you are thinking we are talking about Pride Flags or Pride Socks or Consensually NonMonogamous Throw Pillows, because those things are great, but when a group gift is your goal, something that can be enjoyed by more than one person at a time – a polyamorous couple, triad, quad – this list of gifts are each designed to be enjoyed by the entire polycule.

#1 Books on CNM

When it comes to learning more about honesty, transparency, and consent in your practice of consensual non-mongoamy, books are a fantastic place to start, or continue your journey. With groundbreaking new research and titles on the topics of polyamory and non monogamy being published each year, there’s always something new out that your partner or metas might have on their “want to read” list.

Ways to Gift Books on Polyamory or Nonmonogoamy

From our links to Amazon, you can pick up a paperback edition to pass it around the polycule so everyone can take turns reading it, or gift it to a partner that prefers audiobooks. You can even gift someone an Audible subscription and let them pick out which poly books they want to “read”.

Polyamory Books Published This Year - 2023

A Polyamory Devotional: 365 Daily Reflections

Was just released in October of 2023, so it’s a brand new title. With 365 daily prompts, this book will encourage you to develop the tools of emotional diligence through its guided tour of rigorous self-reflection.


If you know someone who was a big fan of Polysecure, by Jessica Fern, then they will probably be very interested in PolyWise, Fern’s latest book, just released in August 2023. Where Polysecure focused on attachment in polyamorus relationships, Polywise is a more general guide to the polyamoros experience and lifestyle. A great gift for any Jessica Fern fan!

#2 Giant Huge Oversized Blanket 120 x 120 inches (10'x10')

If you can find a blanket bigger than this one, tell us because we’d love to make a giant blanket collection, but for now we hope that this enormous 120" x 120" inch, or (10ft x 10 ft) thick huge blanket is big enough for your entire polycule. Great for indoors or outdoors, there are tons of uses for this blanket that is nearly double the size of a standard king size blanket. Take it on picnics with the Fern & Soul Picnic Backpack for 4 or on your outdoor camping trip, because this extra large flannel fleece blanket is even machine washable.

#3 Fern & Soul Picnic Backpack for 4 with Blanket

Next up is the Fern & Soul Picnic Backpack for 4 with Blanket which admittedly might not be great for polycules with more than 4 members, but if you are shopping for a quad or triad who likes to picnic, you couldn’t do better than this romantic set. Create lasting memories with the whole gang with this complete set which includes: 4x matching picnic plates, 4x cups and 4x person cutlery set (all dishwasher safe), a cheese board, knife, opener, and large waterproof picnic blanket all in an Insulated picnic backpack with adjustable padded straps, strong zippers, and extra pockets.

#4 Portable 6-Seater Folding Bench

Looking for seating for the entire group? Look no farther with this amazing Portable 6-Seater Folding Bench that actually seats 6, yes SIX, adult humans. Strong, durable, and lightweight steel frame folds easily and stores in a convenient case. When assembled it provides the ultimate portable bench with a weight capacity of up to 200lbs PER SEAT. Each seat measures 18 inches front to back and over 16 inches across, so it’s great for camping, sports, or use it indoors anywhere you need some quick extra seating for your polycule.

#5 Kusini Electric Fondue Pot Set

Last but not least at number 5 on our list is this fun Electric Fondue Pot Set which includes everything you need to throw a polycule fondue party for all of your partners, and their partners, and their partners, etc. with a melting base, removable 10oz melting bowl, and 3 detachable tray sections for easy serving & cleaning, and 4 skewers. This electric-tabletop-safepot melting pot works with chocolate or cheese keeping an even heat at 140°F for melting, then once melted, turn it to Warm and serve up your favorite dippings. Makes a perfect addition to your polycule’s game night, movie night, date night, orgy or just as a party on its own!

What gifts for polyamorous couples or groups are we missing?

Did you get your polycule an epic group gift in years past? We’d love to hear your story, you can tell us what group gift changed your polycule for the better today, and we might just be able to publish that before the holidays are over for this year. If not, maybe it will make next year's list, but we can’t tell the rest of the community about it if you don’t tell us about it first.

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