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February 8, 2024
"Love is not about possession. Love is about appreciation." - Osho

Polyamory Gift Ideas

TheraGun is a portable theraputic massager that can be held in the hand, is rechargeable, and a practical solution for sore and tired muscles


  • Trusted Brand: TheraGun
  • Available in other colors and styles
  • Handheld and rechargeable


  • This will spoil you, and you might get used to that

This cosmetic-grade glitter gel is safe for use on the face and body, long-lasting, and easy to apply and remove is available in an assortment of colors.


  • Bright glitter gel available in multiple shades.
  • Dries quickly, lasts all day, and removes easily.
  • Can be used on various parts of the body, including face, eyes, and hair.


  • Snot only, unicorn not included.

Cupping can be used on a partner's body, back, legs, arms, neck, shoulders, etc. It can be a part of your kink scene or just a therapeutic practice.


  • Provides deep massage and improves circulation
  • Made of durable material that can be santized with boiling water
  • Unique rubber valve for better suction and airtightness
  • Includes a variety of cup sizes and additional tools


  • Requires careful reading of instructions and preparation before use

A shower steamer spa kit with 16 pieces and 8 different scents, providing a relaxing and refreshing experience for the body and mind.


  • Includes 16 pieces with 8 different scents, offering a variety of refreshing and relaxing options.
  • Provides an aromatherapy experience in the shower, promoting relaxation and a spa-like feeling.
  • Offers a range of scents to suit different moods and needs, from energizing orange to calming lavender.


  • Could be too relaxing, don't fall asleep in the shower

Polyamorous Valentine's Day

When it comes to the question of "who is responsible for Valentine's Day" this is one commercial holiday where the burden hasn't historically been placed on any particular gender. If you were coupled and choosing to celebrate, then likely you were trying to come up with ideas for a gift, romantic gesture, or way to make your partner feel special.

In open relationships, celebrating Vday can be very complicated. Questions like:

  • Which partners want to celebrate and who doesn't?
  • Which partner do I spend the night with? or Who gets "priority" when making plans?
  • How many gifts do you have to buy? Do you feel obligated to get your meta(s) something?

No matter how you answer these questions in your ENM/CNM dynamic, you can at least count on Just Poly Things to bring you shopping experiences free of mono-normativity! Because that's what we all want for Valentine's Day, right?!?

Tell us what you want for Valentines Day in the comments below!

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