5 Gifts to keep your Non-Mono Coffee & Tea Lovers Caffeinated

Last Updated:
November 28, 2023

Best Gifts For Coffee And Tea Lovers

Are you ready to elevate your non-monogamous partner’s caffeination game with one of these amazing gifts? We’re bringing you 5 unique opportunities to enhance their tea and coffee rituals, indulge in flavorful experiences, and create memorable moments with one of these polyamorous gifts. Pick one up today and your loved one can embark on a journey of taste, warmth, and refreshment. 

5 caffeinated gift ideas for coffee & tea lovers 

The Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Variety Pack is a thoughtful gift for tea lovers, offering a wide range of high-quality tea blends in a beautifully crafted gift box.


  • Get Eighty (80) tea bags in this 28 flavor sampler
  • Foil-wrapped tea bags preserve the aroma.
  • Convenient storage for all tea bags in beautifully crafted wood gift box.
  • Thoughtful and delightful gift for tea lovers.


  • With 28 flavors to choose from, how can you pick a favorite?

The Nextmug has a long-lasting battery, LED lights, and an on-board tempature control button. Made of durable stainless steel and comes with a spill-resistant lid, sure to satisfy anyone who loves hot drinks.


  • Keeps beverages at the perfect temperature for hours.
  • Easy to use with on-board control button & three temperature settings.
  • Elegant and durable design.
  • Makes a great gift.


  • It doesn't actually make the coffee for you, you still have to do that.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included), this coffee stirrer works on all types of milk: oat, soy almond, and other dairy items like butter or cream. The 13,000 RPM motor and 25 spiral rings on the whisk let you whip up rich foam in no time. Level up your everyday warm or cold coffee, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, matcha, or powdered drinks with this coffee foam milk frother.


  • Create creamy and velvety froth in seconds.
  • Simple comfortable grip and easy on/off button.
  • Rust-resistant, stainless steel spiral rings with a powerful motor.


  • No cons to upgrading your beverage experience

Premium Gourmet Coffee Flavorings (Caramel, Amaretto, French Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Vanilla) | 50 ml Per Bottle


  • Great selection of flavors available (Caramel, Amaretto, French Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Vanilla).
  • 50 ml of flavoring each, providing a decent amount for multiple uses.
  • Premium quality rich and authentic taste.


  • You might get accused of being a coffee snob with coffee this fancy

Works with ALL types of coffee makers, simply pour the hot Coffee from the carafe into the NEW, IMPROVED, V2 STRONGER AND MORE DURABLE HyperChiller. The easiest, most cost effective way to chill your favorite beverages whether it’s a special blend of tea, juice, wine or other adult beverages without dilution you can even chill a glass of wine. Simply fill The HyperChiller with water and place UPRIGHT in the freezer, remove and place in your Coffee maker and brew or pour from a carafe in to the HyperChiller and then enjoy your cool beverage.


  • Chills beverages in less than 60 seconds without dilution
  • Works with all types of hot beverages and is dishwasher safe


  • No cons to faster iced coffee

What To Get Someone Who Loves Tea

#1 Stash Tea Bags Sampler Gift Box Assortment

Shopping for a polyamorous tea lover? Indulge them in a world of flavors with the Stash Tea Bags Sampler Assortment Box! This perfect variety pack contains 80 tea bags with 28 different flavors, all neatly packaged in a beautiful wood gift box. Whether they’re enjoying a cozy evening alone or sipping tea with a non-monogamous partner, this gift is sure to please. 

From soothing chamomile to invigorating green tea, there's a flavor for every mood and occasion. This tea sampler encourages exploration and discovery, just like the non-monogamous lifestyle. Spice up their tea time with high-quality blends of tea, all presented in foil-wrapped tea bags to preserve aromas. The beautifully crafted wood (MDF) gift box makes it an ideal gift for any occasion.

Gifts For Lovers of Coffee AND Tea

We don’t have to be exclusive and decide between coffee or tea… why not both? If you’re shopping for someone who is open to all different kinds of hot beverages, then we’d love to suggest either the Nextmug - Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Mug, which will keep a cup of tea at the perfect temperature just as well as it keeps a cup of coffee hot, or the Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer which will work beautifully to foam milk for either a tea-latte or a cafe-latte. 

#2 Nextmug - Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Coffee Mug

Are they tired of their coffee getting cold too quickly during those intimate conversations with multiple partners? Look no further than the Nextmug - Temperature-Controlled, Self-Heating Coffee Mug. This sleek and stylish mug ensures that hot coffee, tea or any preferred beverage stays at the desired temperature, allowing them to savor every sip, even during long conversations or intimate moments. With its 14 oz. capacity, it's big enough for sharing a warm cup with all of your polyamorous partners. Whether they’re enjoying a morning coffee ritual with the polycule at the kitchen table, or savoring a quiet moment alone, this mug ensures that every sip is as satisfying as the first. Say goodbye to lukewarm beverages and hello to the perfect cup every time! 

This sleek mug is available in a variety of colors and its advanced temperature control technology guarantees that your drink stays hot until the very last drop. Designed for coffee enthusiasts who value both convenience and quality, it makes a great gift for unicorn lovers, polyamorous individuals, or anyone who enjoys a beverage that stays at the perfect temperature. 

#3 Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer

Upgrade their coffee or tea to the next level with the Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer, and they can create creamy, frothy beverages right at home. Whether they're preparing a latte for themselves, enjoying a cozy morning with their non-monogamous partners, or impressing their metamours with their barista skills, this milk frother will elevate their drink game. 

With a powerful motor and ergonomic design, frothing milk or mixing your favorite flavorings has never been easier. It effortlessly creates creamy, frothy goodness for your coffee, tea, or lattes so you can treat yourself and your loved ones to café quality beverages right at home. The Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to experiment, and adds a touch of luxury to their daily routine. Don't settle for ordinary drinks when you can create café-quality delights in the comfort of your own home with this kitchen must-have. Pickup a Zulay Milk Frother Wand Drink Mixer and your non-monogamous partners will thank you for it!

Gifts For a Coffee Lover

#4 Monin Gourmet Coffee Flavorings Collection

Unleash their creativity with the Monin Gourmet Coffee Flavorings Collection; this exquisite set of flavorings is perfect for coffee and latte lovers who enjoy adding a personal touch to their beverages. With a wide range of flavors to choose from, including all the standard classics, Caramel, Amaretto, French Hazelnut, Irish Cream, Vanilla, this collection allows anyone to create their own signature drinks. 

Whether experimenting with non-monogamous partners or treating yourself to a moment of indulgence, these flavorings will elevate any beverage experience to new heights. Each 50 ml bottle is carefully crafted to deliver rich, aromatic flavors that will make every sip a delight. Surprise your loved ones or enhance your own coffee and tea rituals with this thoughtful gift for polyamorous couples, triads/throuples, or quads. Embark on a flavor adventure together!

Iced Coffee Lover Gift Idea

#5 HyperChiller Iced Coffee - Ready in 60 sec - Beverage Cooler

Attention iced coffee and iced beverage lovers in the non-monogamous community, are you tired of waiting for your iced coffee to chill or dilute with ice cubes? The HyperChiller Iced Coffee - Ready in 60 sec - Beverage Cooler is here to revolutionize your iced beverage experience. With its innovative design, this cooler can chill your hot coffee or any beverage in just one minute, without diluting its flavor. 

Don't miss out on this incredible invention. Whether you're hosting a gathering with your non-monogamous partners or simply craving a cold drink on a hot day, say goodbye to watered-down drinks and hello to instant refreshment. The HyperChiller Iced Coffee - Ready in 60 sec - Beverage Cooler's patented design rapidly chills your favorite beverages without diluting them, preserving the full flavor and aroma. With its improved strength and durability, this cooler is built to withstand frequent use and provide long-lasting enjoyment. Don't settle for lukewarm drinks when you can have perfectly chilled refreshments in an instant. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with this game-changing poly gift, order now and quench your thirst for icy indulgence together.

Polyamory Gifts

What polyamory gift ideas are we missing from this list? Are you a coffee or tea lover who received a really special gift from someone in your polycule last year, or do you just have a brilliant idea to share? Tell us about it, and we might use your idea in our next polyamorous gift guide. We can’t tell the rest of the community about it if you don’t tell us about it first.

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