We're looking for Social Media Marketing Partners

Can you help us grow our following? We're looking for social media partners!

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June 12, 2024
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Hello, Poly Social Media Managers

Life is better with lots of partners, so we're opening up to new social media relationships.

We need help with insta & FB

Are you a polyamorous or otherwise practicing consensual nonmonogamist who has experience running and growing social media campaigns?

Because if so, not to sound too thirsty, but our dm's are open, please slide in. You can hit us up on our Contact page.

Growing the polycule

Hopefully you are already a follower of our @shopJustPolyThings instagram account, or our JustPolyThings FaceBook Page, but if not, what are you waiting for to hit like or follow?

We have been organically growing our followings on both platforms, but we'll be honest that our talents really lie in other areas, and social media marketing isn't our strongest suit. We need help and we think that's obvious to our loyal fans. We want to bring our followers new experiences, and better product listings. When you find one of our products or guides, we want you to think it's worthy of sharing with your polycule.

CNM/ENM poc's to the front of the line

We're not just looking to hire any old social media marketing firm. Our instagram feed is already full of ads for marketing bros promising to grow our following to the hundreds of thousands. Thanks, but no thanks. We want to work with people who get the community we represent as well as understand the affiliate marketing business model.

We're here to empower and promote the poly products and poly content creators that our niche community loves, not generate hundreds of tiktok reels with ai.

Can you help us do that?

If you think you or your social media management agency might be able to help us, please hit us up.

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