Ways to Partner with Us

How we keep our polycule up to date with all the latest, Just Poly Things

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January 14, 2024
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Ways to Partner with Us

We’re #open to new connections and we want you to know all of the different ways that you can get to know us. 

Casual Relationships (ie Social Media)

Follow our accounts, or just check out who we follow to see what polyamory and CNM/ENM accounts you should be following. If we don’t follow you back, please don’t be offended, we don’t follow back private accounts, or anyone who doesn’t advertise “polyamory” or “non monogamy” in their bio. We don’t want to out you.

Instagram, insta, or the ‘gram


Getting to know each other

Commenting and Product Reviews

  • Coming soon!

Polycule Email Newsletter

  • People who Join our Polycule email newsletter get exclusive offers and resources delivered directly to their inboxes. After the initial welcome email, we try to send out about 1 email per month, and members can unsubscribe at any time. 

Getting Serious

Beta Reader

Beta readers get exclusive access to content either before or immediately after it drops, and are able to provide direct feedback to us about what we publish. Beta readers help us identify errors, broken links, typos, and sometimes they let us know if they catch us putting our feet in our mouths, not on purpose. Made up of a diverse group of long-time polyamorists, as well as individuals that are more new to nonmonogamy, this volunteer team is text invite only. 🤫

Partners & Contributors

Do you have a “Poly Thing” you are dying to tell us about and want to get your story published on our site? 
Are you a polyamory content creator who would like to partner with us to cross promote your content? 

If either of these sound like you, then head over to our Call for Blog Contributors and Partners to learn more about how you can directly contribute to our site, and possibly get your content or product or service promoted on our site or our social platforms. We aren’t just looking to partner with anybody, we specifically want to elevate the voices that are already making amazing content on the topics of polyamory and open relationships. Don’t believe us, check out our Best Books on Polyamory to Read in 2024 list, or our post about How to Grow Your Poly Vocabulary, and see that while we do have opinions, we aren’t trying to make ours be the loudest one you hear. 

We don’t want to be just another voice on nonmonogamy, we want to be a hub where all the voices can come together as the thriving and gorgeous community that we are!

Just share your favorite things

Perhaps you are a little shy, and writing a whole blog post isn’t your idea of a good time?

If you’ve used or tried an amazing product that you really want other poly folx to know about, but don’t want to be a blogger, we even have a form just for that. You can drop us a note on our Contact page if you just want to share your thoughts or feelings with us about something that made your poly life better. 

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