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The ultimate A-Z list of sexual barriers to rule them all...

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November 1, 2023
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The Ultimate A-Z Condom List

You can find a condom that is right for you from our ultimate list of condom brands below. Presented in alphabetical order, these are the condoms that we think are worth trying. Do you have one that you love that you don't see on our list? You can tell us about it here! We love it when you share your favorite poly things with us, and would love to share your favorite brand or style of condoms with our community. Just submit the details of your favorite condoms to us, and if they are worthy, we'll add them to this list. You can even opt-in for us to tag you when we publish your suggestion.

Get Condom Shopping Help

Finding a condom that's right for your body can be a challenge, so we've also created a series of Condom Buying Guides to help you compare your options. When we first set out to make condoms the #1 poly thing that we wanted to promote to the CNM community of people practicing open relationships, we thought we knew a lot about sexual barriers already. What we learned was that there was so much more to it than just condom size or condom material. There really are a ton of options out there and it can be very overwhelming to try to sort thru all of the details. This is why we've broken down the main points of comparison on each product. Most manufactures are great about providing the exact specifications of their condom products, but in some cases the information just isn't publicly available. When you click on each condom link, we've done our best to highlight if they are lubricated vs non-lubricated and the exact length, width, and thickness according to the manufacturer.

Check out our condom suggestions today...

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