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Imagine shopping where all the product ratings and reviews are from CNM/ENM ppl 😍

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January 25, 2024
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Imagine shopping for a partner or yourself and only seeing product reviews from polyamorous and CNM/ENM people. A space free of spam; where ai gently prompts you to change your tone if a conversation about unicorn hunters gets out of hand before the human mods can intervene. 

A Growing Poly Community

Coming soon to our posts, and product review pages, we are hard at work to bring you the ability to login, and leave a comment or a star rating on our product posts. 😍

We believe in a growing community of couples and individuals who are thriving in their practices of consensual non-monogamy, and we want to help them come together. 

Our site will soon allow you to connect with others like yourself to:

  • Share advice, tips & tricks for navigating difficult situations
  • Hear directly from others who are practicing or curious about non-monogamy
  • Learn about products and services that can help you live your best consensually non monogamous life
  • Have a place to vent about real issues and get real answers from a community that isn’t being censored by mononormativity.

Community Mission Statement

We are the individuals and couples who have decided to consensually and transparently open our relationships beyond sexual and or romantic exclusivity, and seek connections beyond what hetero-mono-normativity was designed to offer.

We seek to share personal anecdotes and stories to help and support each other. We are creating a moderated, and respectful space where we welcome user questions and attempt to provide reputable information to them. We model the behavior we want through responding only to good responses, filtering  out anything off topic, and highlighting the best comments on certain topics. We do not dispense medical or legal advice. Anything off topic or intolerant will be removed.

Code of Conduct

The community is dedicated to providing a harassment-free experience for everyone, period. Comments, questions, or reviews that do not meet or adhere to the following guidelines will be removed and users are encouraged to report anything that may have been missed by our moderators. Users who violate our Code of Conduct will be temporarily or permanently banned at our moderator's discretion. No spam, personal promotions, or link dropping.

Any links shared must be relevant to a conversation or they will be removed. No personal attacks, trolling, insults, threats or any language that is deemed violent or sexual advances of any kind. No publishing of others’ private information, such as a phone number, physical or email address. No excessive profanity. As a general rule, keep profanity to emphasis or punctuation.

No illegal activity or glorification of any any kind of illegal activity, including tax evasion, domestic violence, or sexual assault. No other conduct which could reasonably be considered inappropriate in a public setting.

(This Code of Conduct is adapted from the Contributor Covenant, version 2.0, available at

How will commenting work?

Visitors to our site will be able to see star ratings on product pages, view product reviews, and read conversations, but must create user profile and login to leave a product rating or post a review or comment. We will open threads for comments on our Blog and Buying Guide pages, and our product pages will feature the star Ratings & Reviews. You will also be able to ask questions on product pages if you've created a login.


No login account required:

✅ Can view comments on blogs & buying guide pages

✅ Can view star ratings & read reviews or questions on product pages

⛔ Can not post ratings, reviews or comments

Polycule Members

Register for a free login to post comments and leave reviews:

✅ Can view comments on blogs & buying guides pages

✅ Can view star ratings on products pages

✅ Can post ratings, questions, or reviews on products, or comments on posts

✅ Automatically subscribed to our polycule newsletter (feel free to unsubscribe at any time)

Partners & Sponsors

 ✅ All of the same access as Polycule Members

✅ Comments skip moderation and are flagged with a "Partner" or "Sponsor" badge

✅ Highlights anyone we have a special or mutually beneficial relationship with

Do I have to use my real name?

No! Absolutely not!

We realize that it's not safe for everyone to be "out" about their interest or practice of nonmonogamy, so no we aren't going to make anyone use their real name. You will have to provide a real email address if you want to be able to do things like change your password, but we won't share that with anyone, and you can create and change your username for commenting on our site any time.

Do I have to join the email newsletter?

You will be added to our email mailing list when you create a login, but you don't have to look at the emails. We send about one newsletter a month, if that, and other than that you can opt in to receive comment notifications, like if someone answers a question you posted, and you can't opt out of emails that you trigger like when you request to reset your password. We won't email you otherwise, and we don't sell your share your email address with anyone else. You can also just break up with us and unsubscribe at anytime.

Want to give us a rating as a test drive?

This isn't what it will look like exactly yet, but if you register and create an account, you can rate our site and what you think of our idea to create a product reviews site that's just for polyamorous and consensually nonmonogamous people!!

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